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To thrive and excel in today's competitive environment, we must focus on our core value and continuously improve our productivity. 

The Productivity Academy of New Zealand was founded on a simple idea - to help individuals, enterprises and government agencies eliminating gaps between learning at university and performing in business & productivity today and tomorrow!

About Productivity

Productivity is a measure of output against input. The higher the productivity the better our position is in a competitive market.

Improving Productivity...

At an individual level: Achieve more monetary and non-monetary returns.

At company level: Gain more profit and a better reputation from generating more revenue and reducing cost as well as contributing more to society.

At customer level: Receive greater product and service value.

At country level: Generate higher GDP, reserves and living standards for citizens from nature and man-made resources.

About Lean Six Sigma

Lean Manufacturing: Front-line workplace methodology to do business with five guiding principles of Value, Pull, Flow, Standardization and Perfection.

Six Sigma: Data-driven methodology for problem solving with DMAIC or DMADV phases for process and design setting respectively.

Lean Six Sigma: Customer-centric improvement methodology combining Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma methodologies to improve efficiency, effectiveness and productivity achieving the best customer experience and enterprise excellence.

Kaizen: A continuous improvement involving an organisation's human resources, equipment, materials, information, processes and workplaces in production and service areas by fundamental and focus approaches.

Lean Six Sigma Champion: A person at executive officer level who initiates and facilitates the Lean Six Sigma deployment, sponsors, supports and monitors Lean Six Sigma projects, selects and evaluates project leaders, provides information on customer and business requirements, eliminates roadblocks and finds resources for Lean Six Sigma deployment, projects and project leaders.

Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt: A person who completed a 5-day Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training with no less than 75% attendance, scored at least 75% in the written exam, and completed a statistically significant improvement project as the project leader.

Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt: A person who completed a 35-day Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training with no less than 75% attendance, scored at least 75% in the written exam., completed a cross-functional statistically significant improvement project with hard-savings, and delivered a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training.